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At Mi Pueblito Restaurant we serve the most authentic Mexican, Salvadoran and Guatemalan food.   NOW AVAILABLE DISPONIBLE AHORA: Cappuccinos Latees & Expressos   Our Food


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“I've only gotten takeout from here since it's close to work - which makes the prospect of going here all the more enticing! The food is almost too good. The guys at work order the baked or fried fish with tons of lime and rice and beans. I get the Mixed Burrito and the Chicken Nachos... ;)” Mark S.
“Finally, some delicious, authentic Latin food in Boston! Yes, you have to trek to Eastie to get it, but if you have a car or can bum a ride, it's totally worth it. First things first: free chips and salsa to start. TWO types of salsa: traditional red tomato...” Nicole B.
“I don't normally eat latin food as I find it kind of plain and all the same. This is coming from someone who was born in Colombia! Ha But I like this place although in east Boston just about every latin restaurant serves the same kind of food. The difference here is that they serve it tasty and delicious on a consistent basis. ...” Edison P.

Toll Free: 617-567-8899
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